Anal Fistula

Anal Fistula treatment with Homeopathy

Anal Fistula is an abnormal association between the liner on the within of your anal canal (back passage) and therefore the skin close to your porta.

Most Anal fistulas are caused by a symptom (an assortment of pus) that has developed in your anal canal.

The pus will drain away onto the skin on its own or by AN operation.

A fistula happens once the track, created by the pus on the thanks to the surface of the skin, stays open.

Diverticulitis | Ulcerative malady|inflammation|redness|rubor} | Crohn’s disease | Cancer of rectum | Tuberculosis | Sexually transmitted diseases

Constant throbbing pain in anal region, throbbing and worse once sitting down

Skin irritation around the porta, together with swelling, redness and tenderness

In medical aid, surgery is that the solely choice for Anal fistula. however well elect Homoeopathic Medicines to cure this condition while not surgery.

A number of the vital remedies are given below.

BELLADONNA 30– Belladonna is effective within the initial stage of fistula once pus formation takes place.

there’s fever, throbbing pain and redness of porta occur.

HEPARSULPH 30– Hepar sulph is suggested once the primary stage is over.

there’s intense pain, the half is extremely sensitive and tender and symptom turns into pus.

there’s raw smarting within the body part throughout stools, remaining long later.

SILICEA 1000– Silicea is one amongst the effective remedy for fistula within the porta within the lesion stage.

Here the passage of fistula converts into a sinus.

MYRISTICA SEBIFERA Q– Myristica is taken into account to be a selected remedy for fistula in AN porta.

genus Myristica is best suited within the early stages of pus formation, genus Myristica aborts the pus formation.

The stool is passing with a nice problem owing to pain within the anal region.

LACHESIS 200-Lachesis is one amongst the highest remedies for fistula in a porta.

there’s a pain in fistula as if crushed with hammers.

there’s chronic constipation and therefore the stool is offensive.

The patient experiences a decent feeling round the porta.

PAEONIA OFF.Q—Paeonia is superb for fistula within the porta with torturing pain in porta continued long once stools, should rise and perambulate amid pus discharge.

The person has intense biting and itchiness within the swollen anal passageway. There’s ulceration of the porta and region, that is purple lined with crusts. There are a burning sensation and an internal low temperature once passing stools. Painful ulceration, from that, oozing an offensive wet on the region. There’s an abrupt pasty symptom with faintness within the abdomen.

CAUSTICUM 200– Causticum is superb for anal fistula with massive piles.there is soreness and burning pain within the anal and body part region.

The stools are terribly laborious, lined with mucous secretion, shines like grease. there are pulsation, pain and itchiness around the porta and region.

HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS 3X– magnoliid dicot genus is additionally wonderful for anal fistula with obstinate constipation. Another feature is prolapsed of aus related to fistula and fissures.

there’s a raw smarting pain within the body part throughout stools, remaining long later.

NITRIC ACID 1000- Nitric acid is prescribed for anal fistula with soreness and burning pain in porta and body part.there’s nice straining for stool however very little passes. Violent cutting pain within the porta that last for hours.

BERBERIS VULGARIS Q- European barberry is best for anal fistula with burning pain within the porta.

Fistula in porta related to bilious symptoms and itchiness around the porta. There’s tearing or smarting pain in porta and region.

FLUORIC ACID 30– Fluoric acid is best for fistula in porta attended with lachrymal and dental discharges.

CALCAREA SULPH 30- Calcarea Sulph is the best homeopathy remedy for anal fistula with shooting pain.

There painful symptom concerning the porta in cases of fistula.

Another feature could be a discharge of thick yellow coloured pus from the fistula.

BACILLINUM 1000- Bacillinum is taken into account AN intercurrent remedy, particularly in tubercular patients World Health Organization are vulnerable to cold.

SULPHUR 1000- Sulphur is another intercurrent homeopathy therapy for blind fistula.

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