What is Homoeopathy?

What is homoeopathy?

 Homeopathy is the medicine system which was discovered by the German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) Homeopathy is the second largest methodology for curing diseases in the world.

Homeopathy is clinically verified for over 200 years. Homeopathy is the natural way of treating diseases. Homeopathy can cure both the chronic as well as acute ailments across all the age group people. Homeopathy treatment is highly natural, inexpensive and safe to use.

To have a good health one should have strong immune system. In today’s world due to unhealthy food, Drugs, vaccines, poor living conditions and high level of anxiety all contribute to lowering of your immune system. Homeopathic Medicines works by stimulating your immune system.

 Homeopathy treatment is among the long-term treatment of curing diseases. But this treatment works by eliminating the root cause of the disease. Homeopathic treatment does not harm your health.

Homeopathy is the holistic medical treatment. A homeopath will definitely cure the whole body rather than the few symptoms of the disease. Hence, this is one of the best practices of homeopath over the conventional medical treatment.

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Dr Aditi – Homeopath initially carries out the thorough investigation of the patient both physically and emotionally before prescribing any course of treatment. After counseling of each patient, the treatment begins.

Is Homeopathy the safest sort of treating diseases?

Homeopathy is the safest sort of treating diseases and other complaints. The main purpose of homeopath is to help the immune system from fighting sickness by improving its own capability to mend. Homeopathic remedies do not work against the natural healing processes of the body thus making it relatively safe to use.

 No amount of drugs and other injurious chemicals are involved in homeopathy medicine. This is the biggest advantage of homeopathy treatment making it 100% safe.

Homeopathy medicines do not contain synthetic substances. The synthetic substances in homeopathy practices may block the natural healing powers of the body. Therefore, homeopathy treatments are just made from the ingredients that are found naturally in the earth. Thus, this form of medical treatment has no side effects.

Homeopathy -A Natural Remedy

 Homeopathy medicines are generally made up from natural constituents. It is a system of medicine which is composed from the natural substances like plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and mineral kingdom. These substances undergo the various processes like dilutions and potentization.

Dilutions of natural substances in homeopathy means that the substance is adulterated with the alcohol or distilled water in order to make it thinner or weaker. After the dilution of the substance is done, it is shaken vigorously. This process is termed as succession.

Potentization in homeopathy involves taking a portion of mixture and diluting it with the solvent in the ratio 1:100. After that the container with the mixture is gently shaken 10 times against an elastic object.

The more the natural ingredients from the natural substances are diluted, the more they become powerful. This power of the substance is the “POTENCY” of the medicine.

Homeopathy Treatment is cost effective and inexpensive

Homeopathy treatment is cost effective and inexpensive. People generally go for homeopathy treatment due to its low cost. Homeopathy treatment can also be taken with other type of therapies and medicines. Homeopathy makes a good supplemental remedy that might help in improving your health.

Every disease, every ailment, whether mental, emotional or physical can be successfully treated by homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment treats the person with the problem, rather than only problem.

Homeopathy Treatment is easy to use

Homeopathy treatment is easy to use. The Homeopathic medicines are generally made as sugar tiny balls, drops, gels, creams, tablets etc. Homeopathy treatment is highly handy to carry around and thus it can be easily taken by the patient.

History & Origin

Homeopathy’s roots emerge from the findings, teachings and writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Hahnemann graduated from medical school in 1779 and started his own medical practice. He soon began his first homeopathic experiments in 1790, as a result of his disillusionment with such common medical practices of the day as purging, bloodletting, and the use of toxic chemicals.

At one point, he gave up his own daily practice to begin working as a chemist while translating medical texts. It was when Hahnemann began working on a project to translate William Cullen’s Materia Medica into German that he began his quest for a better way of providing healthcare using the principles of “Similars.” While working on this project, he became fascinated with a species of South American tree-bark (cinchona) which was being used to treat malaria-induced fever. Hahnemann ingested the bark and discovered that it caused symptoms similar to malaria. He continued his research into “cures” and the idea of “similar suffering,” and began compiling his findings. Similia similibus curentur, the Latin phrase meaning “let likes be cured by likes,” is the primary principle of homeopathy. A homeopath searches for a substance that produces in a healthy person those same symptoms a patient experiences.